Behind the song

Stay the Heart

Like I’ve said before, if you’ve seen me live, you know this song and you’ve felt it. It was a hard song to live through, write about and perform.  It started out as a song for me to process my parent’s divorce. And dealing with my own release from a toxic relationship.

And as I developed it, practiced, cried through it and shared it with others… it transformed into something else. Something that wasn’t as heavy to hold and carry. It allowed for reflection on moments when I wished I could’ve stayed in the space in between heartbeats. Slow down time and make a choice to be kinder, gentler and more tender. I wish I had had a model for that type of behavior as well. I wish I could’ve witnessed different outcomes of relationships that ultimately shaped me. I wish it didn’t have to be so hard and hurt so much.  I wish for so many things in this song. And I got my wish by choosing to let it go.

Stay The Heart will always have a lot of meaning for me and for anyone that hears it. But it doesn’t hold me down anymore. After a year of “stay inside, stay away, stay still..” I want to focus on what comes after we stay and slow down and what we learn from it. Breathe a little harder… speak a little softer… stay a little longer.

We learn endurance.